Friday, 18 July 2014

The Old Abandoned House...

If you didn’t know it was there you could have driven right past it. Totally hidden behind an effective screen of overgrown hedges and trees was the saddest house I had ever seen. It must have been deserted for years if the extent of the undergrowth was anything to go by.


It was a lovely sunny afternoon and it felt as though I had walked through a magical portal into a fairy tale world. The air was hot and eerily still; the whole place had a timeless air about it, as if it had been this way for a very long time. 

As I walked about, I had to be careful where I put my feet as it was hard to make out any paths or garden boundaries.
Everything seemed to be on the verge of falling down under the weight of Natures finest. She was doing her best to take back what was once hers and hers alone. It was a large house and must have been lovely once, now it seemed to be apologising for being there in the first place.

As I walked slowly around the impressively large garden, I was rendered speechless by the spread of vegetation that climbed, crawled and invaded everything in sight. Here and there were plants I vaguely recognised, like the overgrown Jasmine and Wisteria that were doing their level best to cover the house.


The garden sprawled all around the house and for some distance behind it. Everything I looked at was green, so many wonderful shades of green I felt privileged to be there. I was not invited but felt welcomed, much as an old pensioner would welcome a rare visitor.


I didn’t intend to look through any of the windows as that can sometimes be just too sad for words. I didn’t need to see a forgotten toy or piece of furniture to remind me of the life that once happened there. I didn’t want to see but felt compelled to look anyway. But the house was completely empty; nothing had been left behind and in a way that was sadder still.

As I took all of these photographs, I thought I caught sight of an old grey haired woman looking out of one of the windows at me. It was only later that I realised the woman was me, but for a moment there it felt as though I was in a magical place, and it was with a great deal of reverence that I walked away, leaving Mother Nature to her own devices…

Hope you enjoy the visit to this old house....
See you all next week...


Monday, 14 July 2014

Demons in the Machine...

The demon inside the machine…

It’s official, I hate my laptop. I would go so far as to say that I hate all computers. The laptop is one of those touch screen ones, and apparently I have the wrong kind of finger. And it’s not just the one, I have tried them all. The slightest touch has things flying about all over the place, and then there are those other times when I can stab at the screen like a maniac and absolutely nothing happens.
The demon that inhabited the main computer that has now gone to the PC heaven in the sky seems to have moved into the laptop, doing all kinds of things that are totally out of my control. If anything finally kills my dream of being a reasonably successful author, it will be a computer of some sort. My ageing brain is no longer capable of the kind of mindless patience (or insane tolerance) that is needed to use them.
I am convinced they are here to drive us all insane, starting with me. And as for using it in the garden, which was the plan, no such luck!
I thought this would be such a brilliant idea, combining two of the things I love most in this world, writing and gardening, but when I tried it the screen faded so badly, I couldn’t see a thing!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse…

Took possession of new PC in the middle of the week, and the minute I turned it on I knew I had a problem. It made so much noise; I thought I was in a wind tunnel! Added to that, it refused to connect with my broadband, so it went back to the shop in a hurry.
To cut a very long, annoying story short, the blasted machine had to be fitted with a ‘silent’ fan or something to reduce the noise to a whisper. I wasn’t hopeful but went along with it. I had to. I had coughed up all my hard earned pennies so I had to try and make the best of it.
It was beginning to look as though Anita was right, (she usually is) that I should have gone to PC World, but because we don’t have transport at the moment, I went with our local PC shop, who offered to build me one with all my requirements included for a reasonable price.
Now, they say you only get what you pay for, but is it too much to ask for a machine that does what it says on the tin? I mean, I’m not expecting miracles here, just Word and the internet with a few photos on the side. How hard is that?

Once more with feeling…

The new demon machine is back and virtually silent. Wi Fi connection is not great and I discover that it won’t let me choose my favourite browser. I wasted an entire afternoon reinstalling different things and trying alternate browsers. Wi Fi is still a problem, looks as if I will have to move the hub as obviously the machine is not Superman and cannot cope with a wall.
Consequently, what with all the disappointment, frustration and anger, I haven’t managed to do much of anything else this week, so have an awful lot to catch up on!

The last straw…

Just when I thought I had everything nailed down, fate had another treat in store for me. Google, with whom I had our main blog, decided I was not who I said I was, and locked me out. Nothing I did or said made any difference and they refused to budge.
But I have since discovered that the problem is telephone related and surmountable. So I am a happy bunny again.

Sorry about the missing post last week, I hope a little normality has turned up at last, but I’m crossing my fingers just in case fate hasn’t finished with me!

See you all next week, madness not prevailing…

Friday, 27 June 2014

Review post for Felix Faust...

Washington, 21 May, 2014 - The Arcane Insurrection Continues

Dexter Morgenstern, author of “Felix Faust” has announced the release of a sequel. In “Felix Faust,” readers were introduced to an arrogant, intelligent young-adult, gifted with psychic abilities that attract a few friends and many foes, many of whom share Felix’s fundamental abilities.

In the contemporaneous sequel, which is scheduled for release in summer 2014, readers are set to be introduced to Byron Bishop, a psychic ex-convict with a ghostlike companion, who incidentally draws attention from foes before finding many friends. This places him on the opposite side of the playing field as Felix, and seeks to answer several questions about the previous book, while introducing new ones.

Byron is desperate to find a way onto the good side, but Baron isn’t, so how does the situation play out when tensions rise, and they grow closer to combating each other? Find out in the latest instalment of The Arcane Insurrection.

Dexter Morgenstern has already received numerous positive feedbacks for his debut novel.

One reader said: “From tragedies, deaths, kidnappings, daring rescues, powerful enemies and allies the book keeps you reading eager to know what is going to happen next.

I can't wait to find out more about the other characters and just see where the story will lead in the next book.

Another said: “...Morgenstern has a great handle of plot and keeping the pace going, and you'll hardly ever encounter a dull moment in this book. His magic system is well thought out and is very in depth, and he does a great job explaining the intricacies instead of just walking over it, which makes the battles -- when everything finally comes together -- feel all the more real.

About Dexter Morgenstern

Dexter is a writer and game-enthusiast from North Carolina. He was home-schooled by his parents after being diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. Being a creative, highly-motivated individual, Dexter officially began writing books at the age of fifteen, and published his first novel "Felix Faust" at seventeen. When he is not writing, Dexter spends much of his time
gaming, studying, or contemplating new plot details and stories in his head. Dexter's ultimate goal is to get a degree in Robotics and contribute to the subjugation of humanity by artificial intelligence.

The Arcane Insurrection: Felix Faust

Blurb:Felix Faust is a nineteen-year-old semi-genius who has just been accepted into a prestigious college. He discovered telekinesis at an early age and has used it discreetly for his own entertainment. Felix finds himself displeased and malcontent with everything he encounters in the school, except for one student. This other student shares Felix’s gift, and is much stronger, capable of abilities Felix never thought possible. Now a new door opens for Felix as he is mentored and develops his psychic abilities, but this door also brings danger as malevolent forces set their eyes upon him. Tragedy and destruction follow Felix, leaving him no choice but to continue growing and fight back, but danger follows him every step of the way, and failure means death...”


The Arcane Insurrection: Byron Bishop:

Blurb:Vilified by the community as a notorious delinquent, Byron has spent his best years as a petty criminal in order to provide for himself. He isn’t alone, however… Byron has a secret companion who acts as a second conscience, a second set of eyes, and a second pair of hands. He has Baron, whom he can only describe as a brother, a twin, and a ghost. With Baron’s help, Byron joins a criminal syndicate, which he sees as the first step toward a better life, but he is soon in over his head when a sinister group of assassins with their own supernatural gifts encounters and forcibly recruits him. With the body-count rising, Byron desperately tries to find a way out, but he and Baron don’t always see eye-to-eye. How can Byron hope to escape and wash the blood from his hands, when the loyalty of his own conscience is compromised?

 Media Contact:


 Buy The Book:

I found this story, Felix Faust  (The Arcane Insurrection) by Dexter Morgenstern a fascinating read, just the kind of book I like to review and I enjoyed reading it very much.
Felix Faust is a gifted university student, arrogant and rude but with the extraordinary power of telekinesis.
The author, Dexter Morgenstern, is an extremely eloquent writer, with an interesting vocabulary.
His powers of description are varied and right from the first page you quickly climb inside the main character, Felix Faust's head. This book is a fascinating insight into the world of psychic abilities, albeit from the author's perspective. Before too long, Felix realises that he's not half as clever as he thinks he is, when he meets someone who is far cleverer than he and has to quickly learn how to first protect himself and then challenge his opponent.
His learning curve is fascinating and you could be forgiven for thinking that maybe the author is psychic from the detailed descriptions of the main character's progress.
A fast paced and thrilling psychic adventure which will leave you breathless and very impressed. I know I was. Well plotted with excellent characterisation combined with excruciating tension so visual, it is as if you are watching it in real time.
It reminded me of those action films that never let your attention wander for fear of missing a valuable piece of the action, leaving you impressed but breathless.
The author, Dexter Morgenstern is to be applauded for his vivid imagination in the creation of this masterpiece.