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review for Amy McGuire's trilogy...

The Hearts Discovery by Amy McGuire

I was half expecting a typical YA romance, but the fact that this was a trilogy in the making had me intrigued. Whereas this type of material is usually hard pushed to fill one novel substantially, Amy McGuire has created a classic romance that just grows on you from the very first chapter.
As far as romance stories go, in my opinion The Hearts Desire has more depth than the classic Romeo and Juliet. They only had each other to worry about and it all seems a little flat compared to Amy McGuire's romance with all its complex relationships.
There are more characters involved, more drama, more difficult choices to be made and agonised over. In short, it leaves you eager to read the sequel Worlds Apart.


Worlds Apart is the second book in the Hope Valley Trilogy, where the romance between Anjaline and Gabriel struggles to continue, despite their being so far apart.
The clear distinction between their locations is well written. The reader shares the experience of being in two very different worlds, exploring all the facets of this long distance relationship.
But complications inevitably arise when they each meet many new interesting and attractive people, subjecting them to temptation and despair. They are young and inexperienced, quite unprepared for the complicated jealousies that tend to grow out of uncertainty.
They discover that writing letters in substitute for what they had shared, and that time has a way of dimming reality, making them doubt what they had and if in fact it was real. Will they continue to drift apart as the years pass, or is their romance doomed to die? Will they ever meet again?
You desperately want them to, for despite all the twists and turns that life has thrown at them, you have the feeling they are meant to be together.
The title of the last part of the trilogy  Dreams Come True  might lead you to believe that they do, but maybe not.
For this trilogy is not just about Anjaline and Gabriel. There are a wealth of complicated relationships in these books and each and every one of them deserves a happy ending. But because of the complex romantic tangle that Amy McGuire has so cleverly devised you know this will not be the case for everyone...

Worlds Apart


You never forget your first love.
Even if it hurts your chance at second love.

In Ontario Anjaline realizes her dream of becoming a journalist for one of Toronto’s leading newspapers.
In Hope Valley Gabriel apprentices to become a skilled carpenter. Together they were two kids in love. Apart they have a chance to grow into the people they were meant to be. If part of that growth means taking a chance on new love, will they embrace it? Or will they cling to what they once had and miss out on what the future has to offer? And if they do take a second chance on love, does that mean they will never see each other again?
Maybe there is something even better in store for them both?

A Young Adult Romance

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Amy McGuire

About the Author: 

Amy was raised in Africa by missionary parents and has gained a rich perspective of the world in her travels.  She has been writing stories since she could hold a crayon but was officially published in 2009 through Kindle Direct Publishing and CreateSpace.  A great reader of romance, it was a natural step for her to start writing it.  Amy lives in Toronto with her husband and young daughter.  Worlds Apart is her second novel.

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Coming Easter 2014!  Dreams Come True

Back Cover blurb:

Nearly six ago, Anjaline promised Gabriel that she would make it back to Hope Valley, no matter how long it took.  Will keeping her promise mean a second chance for them, or just more heartache?

Shortly after ending her engagement to Tom Sawyer, Anjaline Rodriguez is given an assignment which leads her back to Hope Valley.  Over the past six years she has become Charity Sutherland, a reporter willing to set aside her dreams to protect her heart.  In becoming Charity she gave up with it meant to be Angie, a girl from Quito, Ecuador with a compassionate heart.  When she sees Hope Valley and her old friends again, she longs to return to being the girl she once was.  Gabriel finds her on the bridge where they first met and she can’t deny the spark of attraction.  Can that spark become a flame of true love?  Will she have the courage to say yes to her future and no to a past that has only caused her pain?  Will all her dreams come true at last?

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