Monday, 24 October 2016

Autumn has arrived…

The weather has turned and not for the better. It is freezing and wet outside. Dark, miserable skies that match my mood, and I sense a non-active day descending and I am in no mood to fight. I check my emails and notes, but my heart just isn’t in it. Nothing for it, I would have to take the day off and crawl into a book.

The next day the weather couldn’t be more different, but unfortunately my mood hadn’t changed. Normally the sight of a blue sky will do wonders for my get-up-and-go, but I fear it has left me, hopefully not for good.

I get these black moods occasionally, and it takes some fighting to leave one behind, so I concentrated on routine tasks as the brain was refusing to even look at anything else. The general thought was, if I ignore it, maybe it will go away. But despite all my attempts at positive thinking, it clung to me like the smell of onions, long after the meal.

The following day it was still hanging around and I had had enough. It put up a struggle no matter what I tried to do, ignoring it hadn’t worked, so I decided to down tools and go for a walk and convince it I didn’t care if it hung around or not. Sometimes this works, but it looked like rain, so it was more than probable it would all go pear shaped and I would be no better off.
Several hours later, after a lot of walking, a cheeseburger at my favourite place, and more than a little rain, I went home, reasonably cheerful and very wet.

Today, there was no sign the mood and I was pleased to say the least. I am not happy being miserable, it tends to get in the way of anything productive and I hate that it can do that to me.

There has been a lot of talk lately about depression and how we handle it. I can understand being depressed when things go wrong; when life gets too hard, but why at other times?

Sometimes I am convinced that depression has to be an actual entity of some kind, intent on making us unhappy for reasons of its own and if anyone can come up with a cure for it, they should make them a saint!

Friday, 21 October 2016

You Never Know!

I never knew this blog would turn out to be a very important part of my little writing kingdom, when I first decided to see if I could create one. Everyone said at the time that as the blog improved, so would I.
That you should treat it like a child, feed and nourish it, even learn to love it, and it will make you a better writer, if not a better person.
What it has given me is confidence.

It has also provided some much needed discipline, for although it is only a 'blog' it is governed by the same rules as any other writing. The content should be the very best you can do, none of that 'oh, that will do' attitude.

I have learned far more about writing since creating this blog and reading other people's.
Those who haven't tried it don't have a clue and tend to dismiss them as harmless time wasting.
That couldn’t  be further from the truth.
People will not fall over themselves to read what you write, whether it is a letter, blog or full-length novel unless you are well known and/or famous. You have to create a written magnet, one that will attract attention. One that people will love to discover and keep coming back to.

In the years I have been building this blog, I have discovered many such magnets and they are as good as reading a book. My day would not be complete without these 'mini reads'!

I have always been of the opinion that if you want to learn how to do something, study those who have already learned and succeeded, for you will discover that they have risen to the challenge and not been found wanting.  Some of them will even tell you the right way to go about it!

This is how I learned to cook, knit, wallpaper a wall and even change the carburettor in an old Triumph car. Not to mention all my craft projects. My theory is, if someone made it in the first place you can have a go too. It's not really rocket science, but the important thing to remember is the quality of your achievement. None of my first attempts were any good, but if you are stubborn like me, it helps a lot and eventually you will manage something you are happy with.

Despite all my other interests, I have always wanted to be a writer. I enjoyed English at school and ideas for stories have surfaced from time to time over the years, but overall I was much too busy trying to live my life without too much heartache, and failing miserably.

But I am retired now and the misery has moved on. I can finally find out if I am any good as a writer. (or not!)
And this blog (and others like it) will be my benchmark.
I have now self-published two mystery thriller books, and editing the third. Reasonably happy with my progress, although to be honest, I never expected it to be so hard. Not the writing you understand, but everything else you have to do has added years to my life!

My sister Anita has really gone up in my admiration; she must be a genius, for she has completed six really good novels. But then she does have  a brilliant editor (me!)

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

The Biggest Thank you!

I just had to share the latest surprise to come from our attempts to spread the word about our books.

We have run KDP promotions before with varying degrees of success, for instance, Anita’s book Secrets had 37 uptakes which I thought was pretty good, considering we are beginners after all.

The Ninth Life is due to leave Kindle Select soon, as I wanted to put it on Smashwords to see if it did any better. So before that happened, I did one final promotion on Kindle Select.

And it got 149 uptakes…

This post came about because I wanted to try and thank everyone who picked up a copy.

I sincerely hope you enjoy reading The Ninth Life, and if you do, to remind you that a short and simple review on Amazon from you would be wonderful.

The fact that I will love you forever is not designed to influence you in any way at all!